Annual Barn of Terror Attraction Doubles Attendance with Promotional Campaign by Raleigh Green Inc.

The business owners of The Barn of Terror, a Fall-based seasonal attraction, wanted to expand attendance, increase its visibility, and grow sales receipts.  In its eighth year, the attraction had slowly grown from a small family operated community fundraiser to a popular Halloween destination in the mid Hudson Valley.  A sprawling venue that includes multiple farm-related structures such as a huge barn and silo, extensive corn mazes, and more, The Barn of Terror is more than a  ’haunted house’, but an entertainment destination.

Raleigh Green Inc. was commissioned to develop a promotions campaign to grow the business, with a goal of doubling attendance rates.  In a region famously popularized by Washington Irving in the  ’Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, The Barn of Terror had strong competition with other local Halloween attractions targeting similar audiences.

RGI needed to create a theme for the attraction in order to tie together all of marketing promotions.  Building upon the barn concept, the tagline “It’s Harvest Time…and there’s nowhere to hide” was created.  Taking it one step further,  a frightening poster design, featuring a ‘Grim Reaper’ scarecrow, was created and used not only as a poster, but throughout all print-related materials.

Social media was integrated throughout the campaign for The Barn of Terror, as an effective means to reach young adults, and other key audiences. Traditional media formats, including print, broadcasting, sponsorships, and live marketing were also implemented to round out the campaign and reinforce the message.  RGI took numerous on-location photos that project a ‘creepy’ and ‘scary’ theme, without giving away any specifics of the venue.  The ads were then incorporated into a social media advertising campaign that targeted key audiences online.

Raleigh Green Inc’s promotions campaign helped to double the attendance and receipts, and expand the attraction’s brand recognition.  In addition, RGI was able to dramatically increase The Barn of Terror’s online following, securing a much stronger position for future promotions in subsequent years.

Listen to The Barn of Terror Radio Spot (if you dare)…..Barn Of Terror Radio Spot

Official Barn of Terror Poster

Zombies attack in live marketing event

Sample Social Media Ad for Barn of Terror

Sample social media ad for Barn of Terror

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Refreshing and Revitalizing a 100 Year Old Brand Through Event Marketing

Raleigh Green Inc. was retained by New York State’s oldest family owned dairy, Boice Bros. Dairy, to help them celebrate their 100th birthday with a unique event.  The client wanted to accomplish two things in addition to recognizing their business’ anniversary:  to create the world’s longest ice cream sundae, and to make the event a fundraiser.  With those ideas in mind, RGI was asked to plan, organize, develop and promote a special community-wide celebration.

The event was an opportunity for the client to ‘refresh’ its brand image.  Although well known throughout the Hudson Valley where their products are sold, Boice Bros Dairy had done little in the way of traditional advertising in over a dozen years.  To start, the company required some branding updates and enhancements including a company website, revised logo (with ‘Celebrating 100 Years’ added), tagline (‘Still Fresh After 100 Years’), and event theme:  ”Across the Generations” (a hat-tip to the 4 generations of family carrying on the legacy of the company).

RGI recommended July 20th (National Ice Cream Day) to hold the event, and suggested having the event in the Rondout neighborhood in Kingston (Boice Bros Dairy is based in Kingston, NY).  The location has a long and attractive waterfront promenade that is almost a mile in length – perfect for creating the world’s longest ice cream sundae.  Entertainment (four live bands, jugglers, clowns, face painters, impersonators, balloon artists, etc), media buys, radio interviews, press releases, acquisition of local permits, security, shuttle buses, acquisition of raffle prizes, and more were all managed by RGI.  In addition, RGI scouted various non-profit organizations to be the beneficiary of the event, eventually recommending the creation and funding of a brand new educational program, co-managed by the Hudson River Maritime Museum and Clearwater Organization, called the Hudson River Steward Program.  The program will have all of Kingston’s fourth-graders visit the museum and Clearwater sloop and learn about the Hudson River and its importance to them and their community and how to be a good steward of it.  Children’s visits will end by being given a certificate proclaiming them honorary Hudson River Stewards, and a chocolate milk from Boice Bros Dairy.

The event was a resounding success with over 5,000 participants (the largest one-time event in Kingston of the year), extensive positive coverage in the local and regional media of Boice Bros Dairy, wide array of business and resident participation, fundraising goal reached with almost $20,000 raised, and achievement of a new world record (1,606 feet, besting the old record by 300 feet).


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Boice Bros Dairy Celebrates 100 Years with Birthday Bash and Creation of the World’s Longest Ice Cream Sundae

KINGSTON, New York (May 23, 2014) – Boice Bros Dairy, New York State’s oldest family-owned and operated dairy, celebrates 100 years on July 20th with a free-to-the-public birthday and benefit bash along Kingston’s waterfront. From 12 noon to 4pm the event, titled “Across the Generations”, will feature live music and entertainment, prizes, icecream and food, and much more. The main stage will be in TR Gallo Park and the assembly of the longest ice cream sundae in the world will take place along the entire Rondout Promenade.

Boice Bros. Dairy, founded in 1914 by Pratt and Harriett Boice, provides Hudson Valley retailers with fresh, hormone and antibiotic-free dairy products, and sells ice cream and ice cream cakes at their Kingston store The Milk House. The company today is managed by the third and fourth generation of Boices.

“We’re looking forward to this special event in our company and family’s history, and invite everyone to come and enjoy the bash – we ask everyone from the community to help make and eat the longest ice cream sundae in the world!” says Rich Boice, general manager and president of Boice Bros. Dairy. The current world record for the longest ice cream sundae is 1,250 feet.

The event will also be a charity fundraiser for a new program – the Hudson River Stewards Program to be managed by both the Hudson River Maritime Museum and Clearwater. The program will be focused on creating an interactive learning experience for elementary school children in the Hudson Valley with a focus on educating and inspiring the next generation about the importance of the Hudson River in our every day lives. Tours and activities at the museum and Clearwater Sloop and more will be provided as part of the program.

Raleigh Green, Event Coordinator


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Branding Local Government Helps to Reach More Citizens and Clarify Mission

The New York State Ulster County Office of the Comptroller, a recently created independently elected county-wide office, launched a new website and brand program developed by Raleigh Green Inc.  The new brand program was designed to help the Office of the Comptroller better inform citizens of county finances, and the Office’s mission to:   provide  tax-payers greater transparency in county government expenditures; improve comprehension of the County’s operations; and promote fiscal accountability.
RGI developed a communications strategy summarized through a new tagline, “Your Eyes On Ulster”.  The tagline is a memorable, brand-focused approach that best expresses the Comptroller’s services as the “citizens’ window” into  county’s expenditures and operations, and positions the Office as the voters’ fiscal watchdog.
Upon development of a strategic positioning and tagline, RGI developed a new website for the Office of the Comptroller that incorporates the new brand message.  The site is designed to provide easy access to key financials, reports, documents, and county vendor resources, as well as offer information and programs to businesses and non-profits on best financial oversight practices.  The new site provides the ability for citizens to contact the Office regarding waste and fraud concerns, and includes features that:  permit sharing of website content with others; a sign-up feature for the Office’s newsletter ‘Measure2Manage’; and interconnectivity with multiple social media formats maintained by the Comptroller’s Office.  The entire site was built by RGI with a content management system to permit the Office’s staff to easily update content.
RGI also developed brand-supporting print collateral for use by the Comptroller’s Office, including a brochure and new administrative materials.  The new brand program has assisted to align the Office of the Comptroller with its mission as an independent monitor of taxpayer money, and promoter of accountable and transparent government spending.

Ulster County Office of the Comptroller Website

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Ad Campaign Launched for Accounting Firm in time for Tax Season

A new radio campaign was launched by Sickler, Torchia, Allen & Churchill CPAs, one of the largest accounting firms in the Hudson Valley.  The campaign, developed by Raleigh Green Inc., is part of a larger rebranding program for the firm.  The media effort is to reach new audiences seeking to upgrade their accounting services and have a large enough firm to serve a wide range of accounting-related services including financial planning, bookkeeping, auditing, payroll, tax preparation and more.  The radio campaign kicks off on Radio Woodstock during the month of January.

Listen to the radio spot:

Sickler Torchia Allen & Churchill_Radio

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Raleigh Green Inc. Launches Ad Campaign for Insurance Company

Raleigh Green Inc. launches a new advertising campaign for Naccarato Insurance, a Saugerties, NY based agency that operates in the Hudson Valley and provides a broad range of insurance services including home, auto, business, health and life.  The campaign includes radio, print and sponsorships. The first radio ads to begin November 27th.  RGI provided concept, creative and media planning services for the campaign.

Listen to Radio Commercial:

Naccarato Insurance Family Outing Radio Spot

Naccarato Insurance – We have you covered ad spot


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New Brand Developed for Public Rail Trail and Complete Streets Program

http://www.kingstonlandtrust.orgConnecting People and Places, Naturally

Raleigh Green Inc. is very pleased to see the brand strategy and tagline developed by our firm for the Kingston Land Trust starting to take off – the Kingston GREENLINE -

“Connecting People and Places, Naturally”.

RGI conceived of a brand strategy that bundles the city’s plans for rail trails development with its complete streets beautification and walkability programs to create a vision unique unto the city – and to realize the potential of acting as a hub for the region’s interconnected trails and park systems.

“The Kingston Greenline provides local citizens and visitors green, non-motorized paths to explore and connect with neighborhoods and regional recreational opportunities.”

One local resident sums up the Greenline’s potential very nicely:

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Insurance Matters: Brand Refresh and New Website for Agency Builds Market Presence

Naccarato Insurance, a New York-based insurance agency with multiple offices serving customers in three states, recently launched a new website to better serve its customers.  The site was designed and developed by Raleigh Green Inc, a Hudson Valley-based marketing agency that specializes in branding.  The website redesign was part of a larger program by RGI for Naccarato that included  developing a new brand positioning and tagline, designing new coordinated marketing collateral and administrative materials, developing advertising campaigns, and more.  The goal was to celebrate the firm’s 50th anniversary and build its market presence in the overall Hudson Valley New York market.

The new website includes many helpful resources such as a glossary of insurance terms to help customers through industry jargon, a description of dozens of available insurance products, contact information and web links for carriers, and listing and description of many discounts available to customers.  The new site is formatted to ensure key content is placed ‘above the fold’ (less ‘scrolling’ down the page), has thoughtful navigation and menus, uses animation to reinforce product categories served, and a blog named “Insurance Matters” so that Naccarato Insurance can provide timely information to its customers.  New social media features were developed so the agency can offer an additional means to communicate with its customers.  Easy-to-use web forms were created to quickly offer Free Quotes on a variety of insurance types.  All web copy was revised and created to ensure a consistent ‘brand voice’ that is friendly and customer centered.  The new website is search engine optimized and includes streamlined (simplified) WordPress content management tools to assist staff in easily administering the site.

To compliment the new website, RGI also developed a mobile version.  QR code stickers were created as a convenience for Naccarato auto-insurance customers to place in car door jams in case of emergencies and use the easy-to-use mobile site.

The new website reinforces the agency’s  brand message and ad campaign developed by RGI:  ”50 Years.  50 Carriers.  We’ve Got You Covered.”

Check out the new site at:



LISTEN: Radio spot for Naccarato Insurance by RGI


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