Medical Practice Gets A Brand Makeover – Shape and Color Take Front Seat

New Grand Street Medical Associates Logo

If you have read any of the blog posts at Raleigh Green Inc, then you are familiar with the importance of color, shape and symbols to to establishing effective branding.  A recently completed rebranding program for a large medical practice illustrates these principles well.  Read the case story:

Grand Street Medical Associates – one of the largest independently owned medical practices in the Mid Hudson Valley, with a 20+ year history, had a website that didn’t reflect well on their professionalism. In addition, the practice’s brand was highly fragmented and unmemorable.

Raleigh Green Inc. was retained to completely rebrand the practice and redesign their website and collateral. The new logo’s shape reflects how GSMA has grown over the years to include multiple medical specialties under one ‘roof’.  The practice has become one of the largest in the Mid Hudson Valley, and the new brand, with the powerful square form, reflects a boldness and strength commensurate with their industry position.

Shape is a very important key to good branding practices, but so is color.  The choice of ‘saffron‘ was based on a desire to reflect a warmth and compassionate feature of their service practice.  An orange ‘hue’ was also used in the old website, thus some color equity was carried over to the new site.  The color is also a reflection of heritage -  the medical practice’s founder originally came from India where saffron has been used as an ancient medicinal remedy for thousands of years and long held as a symbol of India (ref: flag of India).

How words are emphasized in branding are also key to building memorability.  Grand Street Medical Associates, a long brand name that most people abbreviated over the years to ‘Grand Street’, needed a more concise and memorable way of communicating its brand.  The practice physically and colloquially dominated the local town’s actual street, and RGI recommended that they codify this use in their brand by emphasizing ‘Grand Street’ in the logo.

Lastly, the logo included a small ‘cross’ symbol in the top right corner.  Crosses have often been associated with medical and health and healing in western cultures, e.g. the Red Cross, or the sign for pharmacies (green cross) in many European nations.  This symbol added an additional layer of meaning to the brand, reinforcing the medical dimension to ‘Grand Street’.  Also, small square with a lighter hue of the saffron orange can be seen within the symbol -  a reflection of the strong shape of the logo, further reinforcing the memorability of the brand through shape.

For more on this brand project, review the case study at:

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