Greenwash, Dry and Hang – Green Branding

It is April and Earth Day is approaching.  This is a calendar reminder that we should consider our environment, our impact upon our surroundings, and what we can do to keep it healthy for generations to come.  Many companies have incorporated ‘green’ practices, and rightly communicate their activities.  Other companies use ‘green’ as another opportunity to burnish their image through association rather than action.  This is called ‘greenwashing‘.  If your company wishes to communicate ‘green’ through its brand marketing, beware of another trend today – consumers searching for authentic brands.  “Practice what you preach” and you will generate tremendous goodwill – but if you are caught ‘greenwashing’, the damage done to your brand may be considerable.

Brands may call attention a cause – a public service unto itself.  But wrapping a brand around a cause, when there is no follow-through, will inevitably be discovered – especially with today’s social media environment.  This is true no matter what the cause, including Earth Day and ‘green branding’.

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