New Ad Campaign for National Investment Organization Successfully Showcases Branding Basics

DRA Advisors LLC, headquartered in New York City, is a real estate investment organization with over $10 billion in investments throughout the US.  A new ad campaign was launched to reach property owners, joint venture partners, and real estate professionals.  The campaign was created by Raleigh Green Inc., and focuses on showcasing DRA Advisors’ strengths:  a diversified portfolio in retail, multi-family, office and industrial properties; its conservative, value-added focus in investing; and a successful track-record over 25 years.

RGI, specialists in brand identity marketing, wanted to use a play on the ‘D’ shape used in previous marketing, to create continuity.  In addition, the idea of different ‘shapes’ representing diverse investment opportunities was explored as a metaphor, with a result being an ‘egg’ form, created by four quadrants.  An excellent metaphor for investing, the ‘egg’ in the campaign communicates opportunity, with each quadrant showing a different property type.  The copy, Opportunity comes in many forms.  Finding value comes in one.  DRA Advisors LLC  further reinforces the overall brand message of the campaign.

The campaign is being run throughout the year in various real estate investment publications, such as the National Real Estate Investor, and is supported with a revised website, also created by RGI.  In addition, a version of the print campaign was developed for advertising at the global retail real estate convention in Las Vegas, NV, known as ICSC.  With the ad’s QR code, busy real estate professionals at the conference will be able to quickly and easily access portfolio information, investment fund opportunities, and much more.

Opportunity comes in many forms. Finding value comes in one. DRA Advisors.

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