Branding Local Government Helps to Reach More Citizens and Clarify Mission

The New York State Ulster County Office of the Comptroller, a recently created independently elected county-wide office, launched a new website and brand program developed by Raleigh Green Inc.  The new brand program was designed to help the Office of the Comptroller better inform citizens of county finances, and the Office’s mission to:   provide  tax-payers greater transparency in county government expenditures; improve comprehension of the County’s operations; and promote fiscal accountability.
RGI developed a communications strategy summarized through a new tagline, “Your Eyes On Ulster”.  The tagline is a memorable, brand-focused approach that best expresses the Comptroller’s services as the “citizens’ window” into  county’s expenditures and operations, and positions the Office as the voters’ fiscal watchdog.
Upon development of a strategic positioning and tagline, RGI developed a new website for the Office of the Comptroller that incorporates the new brand message.  The site is designed to provide easy access to key financials, reports, documents, and county vendor resources, as well as offer information and programs to businesses and non-profits on best financial oversight practices.  The new site provides the ability for citizens to contact the Office regarding waste and fraud concerns, and includes features that:  permit sharing of website content with others; a sign-up feature for the Office’s newsletter ‘Measure2Manage’; and interconnectivity with multiple social media formats maintained by the Comptroller’s Office.  The entire site was built by RGI with a content management system to permit the Office’s staff to easily update content.
RGI also developed brand-supporting print collateral for use by the Comptroller’s Office, including a brochure and new administrative materials.  The new brand program has assisted to align the Office of the Comptroller with its mission as an independent monitor of taxpayer money, and promoter of accountable and transparent government spending.

Ulster County Office of the Comptroller Website

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