Annual Barn of Terror Attraction Doubles Attendance with Promotional Campaign by Raleigh Green Inc.

The business owners of The Barn of Terror, a Fall-based seasonal attraction, wanted to expand attendance, increase its visibility, and grow sales receipts.  In its eighth year, the attraction had slowly grown from a small family operated community fundraiser to a popular Halloween destination in the mid Hudson Valley.  A sprawling venue that includes multiple farm-related structures such as a huge barn and silo, extensive corn mazes, and more, The Barn of Terror is more than a  ’haunted house’, but an entertainment destination.

Raleigh Green Inc. was commissioned to develop a promotions campaign to grow the business, with a goal of doubling attendance rates.  In a region famously popularized by Washington Irving in the  ’Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, The Barn of Terror had strong competition with other local Halloween attractions targeting similar audiences.

RGI needed to create a theme for the attraction in order to tie together all of marketing promotions.  Building upon the barn concept, the tagline “It’s Harvest Time…and there’s nowhere to hide” was created.  Taking it one step further,  a frightening poster design, featuring a ‘Grim Reaper’ scarecrow, was created and used not only as a poster, but throughout all print-related materials.

Social media was integrated throughout the campaign for The Barn of Terror, as an effective means to reach young adults, and other key audiences. Traditional media formats, including print, broadcasting, sponsorships, and live marketing were also implemented to round out the campaign and reinforce the message.  RGI took numerous on-location photos that project a ‘creepy’ and ‘scary’ theme, without giving away any specifics of the venue.  The ads were then incorporated into a social media advertising campaign that targeted key audiences online.

Raleigh Green Inc’s promotions campaign helped to double the attendance and receipts, and expand the attraction’s brand recognition.  In addition, RGI was able to dramatically increase The Barn of Terror’s online following, securing a much stronger position for future promotions in subsequent years.

Listen to The Barn of Terror Radio Spot (if you dare)…..Barn Of Terror Radio Spot

Official Barn of Terror Poster

Zombies attack in live marketing event

Sample Social Media Ad for Barn of Terror

Sample social media ad for Barn of Terror

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