RGI Develops “Ulster County Welcome Kit” for New Homeowners

The Ulster County Board of REALTORS asked Raleigh Green Inc. to develop a new ‘welcome’ program so that brokers can give new Ulster County, NY homeowners a special ‘gift’ at closings.  The program is intended as a way to not only warmly welcome new homeowners to their community, but also provide an easy way to connect with helpful local businesses, services, and information.

RGI created the ‘Ulster County Welcome Kit’ – a modern version of the ‘welcome wagon’.  The Welcome Kit includes an expandable, durable, and re-usable organizer.   The organizer is large enough to hold typical gifts such as flowers and bottles of wine, as well as contain various informational materials. RGI contacted and acquired information and materials from various county organizations for inclusion in the kits, such as local business directories, local govt. agency directories, calendars, give-aways, discounts, coupons, and much more.

In order to make the program financially self-sustaining, RGI acquired well-suited sponsors for the kits to help fund the program, such as local banks, an insurance agency, heating fuel delivery business, and home improvement center. Each Kit is printed with the sponsors’ logos on one side, with the other side printed ‘A Proud Ulster County, NY Homeowner’.  Each sponsor was also given the opportunity to include useful information about their business inside each kit.  All sponsors’ materials were placed inside a special clear removable sealable folder that has a decal that also displays each sponsors’ logo.  The sponsors materials, combined with other materials such directories, guides, discounts, and calendars is a convenient, single-source way for new residents of communities to quickly get connected and for local businesses to introduce themselves to potential new customers.

The Kits are customizable so brokers can additionally include local village and town materials, discounts, coupons, etc.  The new Ulster County Welcome Kit is the first of its kind in recent memory within the county.

For more information on the Welcome Kit, visit:


Ulster County Board of REALTORS(R) Welcome Kit

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