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Trademarking Color

We all can cite how certain colors are intimately associated with certain brands.  Tiffany’s blue, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Pink, and McDonald’s yellow and red are just a few examples.   But can a color actually be trademarked … Continue reading

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Do You Speak My Language? Color Strategy for Brands

1 Not everyone sees color in the same way.  There are of course people with forms of color blindness, a physiological condition (most common among men in the red/green color ranges).  But color is also perceived differently between cultures.  For … Continue reading

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The Strength of Color in Branding is an Evolutionary Trait

Color is arguably the most powerful graphical element of a brand. The mind is highly predisposed to connecting color to memory.  Primates (which include us humans) have particularly good capabilities of differentiating colors.  If we view color vision through evolutionary … Continue reading

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